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    S o i was on ur server earlier around 7pm. this guy for some reason kept following me around with a shotgun and kept team attacking me, then team killing me. i tried to get an admin but no one was there. so the 3rd time i shot this motherfucker as he team attacked me and killed him. i guess an admin had just got on and told me to stop team killing. i told the admin what he did and the admin said to just stop teamkilling. so i did. the dude killed me one more time then left. the problem was that the guy kept team killing then leaving, changing his name, then coming back. i got rapedollars help who just got on. i told him what was going on and he said who, so i gave him the previous names but said he probably changed it. the guy didnt show back up till italy, then started his crap over again. tried to get rapedollars attention but i think he was to involved in the game, no biggie, so i got a demo of him doing it (really me running around and him following me {can see him on radar} and shooting me). i got screenshots of my console showing him doing it on dust several times, then on italy. also got a screenshot of the status console to show who was on. the below links are them but photobucket is a POS and uploaded them in a smaller format so u cant see shit. i kept the links so u can see the effort and i can sen anybody the originals if they wanna see what the logs say, i got the important parts of the logs boxed in red so u can read the parts that matter.

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    I Was in spec I seen both of you guys tkin each other please don't waste time posting garbage. Now go play in peace. thank you

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    Dual, man,......? im trying to help YOU out and posting a potential problem. on d2, when this guy started doing it, ya, if the dude looks right at me, shoots me, runs away, comes back, looks at me again, and shoots me AGAIN, im gonna shoot the motherfucker, as well i think most of the people here would. and if u were specing us closely u would see i nvr initiated the teamattacks. i would shoot this guy back. ONLY on d2. once on dust when i killed him as he started shooting me again. then ur admin said stop, i stopped. and on italy i nvr even shot the dude! just tried to have u guys handle it. i have console shots and part of a demo on italy, what more do u want?

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    You know how many guy tk each other over and over? Save the demos for hackers. thank you play in peace everyone

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    kk cool then

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