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    okay so I was asked by a fellow admin to watch a certain player in the GG server.

    this really isn't a request for the player to be banned yet.

    I just wanted to post the demo's I recorded and wanted other people's opinons on whether or not he was hacking.

    I thought he was toggling an aimbot on and off cause some parts he would be scoring headshots like crazy and than suck.

    so view the demo's and post what you think.
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    I've seen him play. Never noticed anything truly "hack-worthy" but I could be wrong.
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    I was actually the admin that asked Inthebutt to come into GG and watch this guy.

    This is what happened-
    We start the map (level before the demos) and the guy gets 16 kills (14 of which are headshots) in 4 rounds. Mind you we are playing 5 and 5... Which don't get me wrong that could just be skill. I moved to spec cause I had to answer my phone and didn't want to be sitting in game afk... and the guy doesn't get any kills for 4 rounds. This just seemed a bit odd so I ask Inthebutt to join... Inthebutt watches the guy for a few rounds and goes "man hes not really that good". Then when everyone starts catching up in levels this guy starts getting head shots again left and right. Maybe its just skill... maybe its just luck... I'm new to catching hackers (that's why I didn't ban and asked for help) but something just seemed a bit off.

    Honestly on the next map (the one from the demo) his play seemed more like a normal player... If he is hacking he is toggling it on and off. We were just hoping someone might catch something we missed.

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