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Thread: Orange Juice Box Perm Ban Request

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    A guy going by Orange Juice Box has found a way to give himself bursts of speed, probably from a rate script. He used it against Walter and I on Beachstrike today, failing the first time but getting us the second, leading to the two of us confronting him.

    The guy admitted to doing it while we demo'd, but I never caught him on demo doing it again before the ban.

    "-{Orange Box Juice}-" STEAM_0:0:26843048 12:32 77 0 active

    Gave him a 7 day ban.

    An individual by the name of TeeCeeTime2 was able to do the same thing a night earlier and was also 7 day banned.
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    I am testifying as an admin witness. The suspect was was clearly using a speed hack.

    It's too bad we didn't demo the actual hack.

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