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Thread: unban please

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    so im at ur guys' normal server #1 bout a week ago now, its at office and some bs hacker joins ur server and steals my name and does it so it doesnt have (1) in front of like normal when u try havin the same name and then the guy decides to speed hack spin and shoot every ct in office! and right after it happened i said they are gonna ban the wrong one first and then bam i got banned and i viewed server info and hacker was still there for what i can guess is 1 or two more rounds and ive tried talkin to uncle june about this but all hes done is send me a youtube link of some guy talkin to a baby about stocks? haha anyway i enjoy ur guys servers and its not fun being screwed by a name chaging/stealin hacker

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    lmao the video is funny as hell


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    All you had to do was post when you were banned and the investigation would take place.

    Wait for Zero or Jigsaw to post about it.

    Also was it Uncle June who banned you?

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    im not sure who banned cause there was alot of people on, the only admin i recognized was june. so i figured i could talk to him maybe get an answer or at least a link to the forums. i just got power back today and finally searched for ur guys website

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    Just post your Steam ID here and they will look at stats and to see which admin banned you.

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    STEAM_0:0:6369684 there she be

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    Checked the logs and stats your cleared,


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