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    Been Blocking on Jurassic Park all day. Hes been staying on the ladder not moving, so everyone dies. Sorry no demo, but ask anyone on the server on OCT 17th at 7:11 EST.

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    Fuck that. EVERYONE NEEDS A GOD DAM BAN. Retards were in the server and still fucking are. JAO needs to be banned, fucking kid who just walks in front of everyone in a cade, and purposly gets tagged, and kills everyone. Not to mention hes a 12 year old little punk.

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    Went in there and he was gone.

    I did manage to ban 2 other morons for nade glitching.

    First one was banned for 5 mins and i gave a warning

    Next one did it right next to me and got me killed. How fucking stupid can some people be

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