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Thread: ROFL this looks familiar

  1. Wink ROFL this looks familiar

    I was looking around the net before bed (admin activations in the morning I promise (It was a long day at work)) and came across this:

    Looks like someone is a big fan of our naming system ROFL

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    i dont' get it?
    what naming system does IBIS have?

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    We have zmod+ its zmod plus classes, plus cool maps, plus best zm mod sever, plus admins, plus parachutes. Plus noobs, plus B&s for the nooby noobs. Plus bad adivce for noobs (such as press F10 for parachute or saying deforms jump the highest) plus Zero and much much more.

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    The idea of mod+ branding was first used on our zm server and is carried over on all our mod based servers. Originally it simply was a more user friendly way to show that we used 2.0zm instead of 1.0 like most other servers at the time. However today it is more of a marketing tool becuase people see the + and then associate it with extra features that may or may not even exist all without us needing to market them. I know that clans that broke off from ibis use the mod+ but that is more becuase they wanted to use a name that they were familiar with. This is the first time I have seen a group that totally has nothing to do with ibis use the mod+ branding.

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    lol, that's amazing

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    ohhh... that's awesomee.. wooo! yeah!

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