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Thread: 40 player to much?

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    I played when there was 30 some people that was alot but it was fun, there was alot less issues too. Map with thing to escape in havent seem to like alot of people like space station flee seems to lag at as the shuttle doors open. I think the server has too many slots. There less people with cade breaking habits or trying to make a noob cade as you set up a pro cade then you yell NO NO flip it and turn it side ways... then they dont... you rage and freeze them

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    Yah, any map with a flying vehicle will make the server lag heavily once it's activated. This includes Boat Escape, Paradise, or the space station maps.

    I mentioned it in the other lag thread, but noticed today on Lost World that the bus was no longer causing it.

    Still think it's a script issue.

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    Zero was getting 40 fps on Helms Deep one day I think. He said that it wasn't the server because it was only using about 4% of its CPU, but it was actually everyone's computers.

    Not sure if I remember that correctly or not though, to be honest.

    But next time this happens Mallissin or Pink, press ctrl+alt+delete and see how much of your CPU is being used.

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    No way its my PC.... Fail explanation.

    It's the server.

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