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Thread: Convince your new spouse to get this wedding cake. No joke.

  1. Default Convince your new spouse to get this wedding cake. No joke.

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    i never thought you would put walter under the category of "male."

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    I just saw that on Digg, and I thought it was pretty kickass. But then I thought... How many people would I offend with that cake? I mean, grandparents and older relations would be there... It's easy to just say, "Screw them, it's my wedding!" but I don't think that's really how it works.

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    the ideas cool but the cake looks abit small for a wedding party.
    Edit: Valve AND Zero would find a way to screw up a steel ball.

    I have never seen any other server that used to be so much fun to play on just get so properly rammed into the ground by one person's lazyness, incompetence and inability to grasp how to properly run a server.

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    must be like a uber small wedding lol. sweet cake though.

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    that cake would be awesome if it didnt have a black man with blonde hair on the top..
    just kidding.
    looks yummy. ive always wanted to taste a cake that looks like that. like the plastic looking ones like they make on that cake show on food network.

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    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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    This reminds me of Cake Boss. Awesome show.

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