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    Even when I used to be an Admin back in the day, I would rarely Ban people as a most people will learn to change their ways after a few other punishments...BUT I am curious, not that I have admin back and if I DO happen to ban someone, wasn't there something that needed to be typed in console after a ban of someone?

    Anyway...if someone could clarify for me that would be awesome.

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    A demo is required, I believe. idk I haven't banned anyone yet either, and glanced over the TOS.

    I'd say read over the TOS for any other questions you might have though. :O

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    IF there is something that is needed to be typed then I have never done it. I know nothing about it. Demo's are only needed for perma bans and hacker bans.

    You can find a link to the TOS in my sig.
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    It is standard to type in admin chat "name: banned X days for Y" so that the ban is recorded in the server. That way if there is a discrepancy regarding who banned who, Zero can find it.

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    Thanks Christmas, that's how I remembered doing it. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tragedy View Post
    Thanks Christmas, that's how I remembered doing it. :-)
    Tragedy you also gotta remember to type in console after you ban someone "sb_status" to ensure the ban goes through for steambans.
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    from my understanding of the rules, it's you only need 2 produce a demo if it's a permanent ban. if someone is mic spamming or fucking around, generally a couple 5min or hour bans will make them just leave permanently or get there shit together.

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