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Thread: Aimbot on WCS mod server

  1. Exclamation Aimbot on WCS mod server

    6) Make a post in this forum with the users: Name, Steam ID, a description of what they did and the demo.

    STEAM_0:0:26902585 Leage Champion

    Is aimbotting.. its so clearly.. even when his flashed he make 2 headshot...


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    Here's another, possibly longer demo. (Aimbotting, no-recoiling, wallhacking)'
    # 51 "Leage Champion" STEAM_0:0:26902585 11:53 119 0 active

    Hope this gets fw'd to SteamBans, ect

    EDIT:(cs_assault at 7:18 Central Timezone) He is also chatspamming "GeT WrEcKed KiD," and changed his name to "John Fatal1ty Wendel,"
    along with # 56 "dontgetpenisykid" STEAM_0:1:988913 58:18 107 0 active spamming "WeLcOmE tO tHe PrOs KiD," though he isn't aimbotting
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    aimbotting and spamming.

    plaese ban him

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