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    Player name: Thundercats
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:27004928
    sb_status: Didn't know I needed to do that. The demo did start recording at the very beginning so it does show his steamid at the very begginning.

    I couldn't attach it to this post so I uploaded it on mediafire.

    This guy was on the gun game server tonight.

    Starting at time 5:54 minutes (tick 35500). He goes on an amazing head shot spree. Which I realize kids can get crazy lucky running around sometimes but I had seen it a few too many times in this map and the one before.

    At time 7:00 (tick 43000) he tries to wall a guy.

    At time 9:18 (tick 55808) he tries to wall another guy.

    You can avoid the parts of the demo where I'm sucking horribly. I couldn't find out how to cut out those parts.
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