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Thread: Will you be vaccinated against the H1N1 "?

  1. Default Will you be vaccinated against the H1N1 "?

    Me, it is clear that NO, with tests and incomplete information about their missing ...
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    I have 2 friends that work at the hospital here in Charlotte and 1 that volunteers at the Urgent Care center and all 3 of them said they will not be getting the shot. They say that there are too many risks with it due to lack of testing.

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    I already got H1N1
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    no. i think people are fucking dirty who don't wash their hands

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    I think we should just trust the government I mean they are going to be running health care now and so if they say it is safe I am sure it is. I mean what has the government ever done wrong? Clearly if we trust them with universal health care we should at least trust this becuase there is no difference.

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    There is a big case around that story. The pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccinations (in Austria) actually put live Swine flu in the vaccine. And they were going to give that to Americans.

    Jane Murgermeister worked as a reporter and found this out. She sued the company, and it's pending trial at the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe the FBI is investigating the case. It was on Coast-to-Coast AM Radio several months ago.

    So, I personally will pass on being injected with Swine flu. However, I'll be giving blood again soon...

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    No offense ZERO, but I think the words "trust" and "government" don't chyme well together.

    Trust in God yes. Trust in government is a fable. Politicians are so easily swayed by money/corporations. A lot of it comes down to human greed and power.

    "I mean what has the government ever done wrong?" ... You're kidding, right?

    I don't think even the military trusts the government. Case in point: Vietnam.

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    I'm getting it, but I'm very nervous about it... I'm not that worried about the flu vaccine itself because it's been through fairly high levels of testing, but in Canada they are mixing it with a booster that is quite controversial.

    P.S. Yes, Walter, ZERO was kidding.

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    this is not a joke btw.

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    I hope ZERO was kidding, hahaha.

    Never trust the government...ever.

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