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Thread: Rock N Roll !!!!

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    HEY!! So here it is. We got a "practice place" recording for 2 songs. Much more quality recording is coming in the next weeks. Can t wait!! Anyway, please give me your opinion about our music, it would be REALLY appreciate.
    The 2 songs recorded with my vocal track in it are:

    - Blinded by Pain
    - Rock song ( wich i think ill change the title for Rock Bomb! )

    Here is our page: is some pics of our first show on May 1st!!

    Thanks a lot

    and Peace!

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    No comments yet....does it mean it sucks!! ahahah lol


    Much Love

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    Not my type of music so I'm not a good judge.

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    Sounds a little like Staind back in the days i think.

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    you should add some lyrics to long way.... i dug that track

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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Monic View Post
    you should add some lyrics to long way.... i dug that track
    Yeah...the recording of longway is not ready yet, but if you click on the "lyric" text box right beside the title of the song, you can see the lyrics i wrote........

    Thanks again for inputs guys!!! MORE MORE MORE!!! lol


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    cool ill check that out then

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