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  1. Question zombie music

    As some of you know I have hinted that I have been out for some ways to improve the music in the zm mod. My latest idea is the following:

    How would you feel about dynamically generated music. There would be a few songs that would play as ambient but when the action gets going the music would transition into faster passed music that fits.

    In addition I have also been experimenting with the idea of having some ambient load music that would play during map changes, this music would be streamed NOT DOWNLOADED. Also there would be a few tracks, nothing with actual lyrics just some good loading sound that keeps the zm vibe going. I bet it would be nice to have when waiting for that new map to dl... Keep in mind that such a mod would have NO affect on your connection time OR on download time.

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    May i suggestion the background music/sound effects from doom 64 (not the original doom 1 or 2). doom 64 unlike the other doom games has a very creepy setting which i think would be awesome for the zombie mod.

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    Actually the music I am getting is from

    1)HL2 this way there is no download!

    2) Completely original tracks that users made with the intent of having them appear in the upcoming game Black Mesa Source

    This is so that the music will sound "new" and achieve a very selective sound. I want music that can work with zombies and on any map setting.

    If you can get me a link to some doom stuff I could take a look at it, the one thing I am also looking at is trying to keep the download time short.

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    Mod is on the beta server for testing, right now it only uses the hl2 music. I have done about an hour with 8+ players in testing. I have configured it how I think is best.

    Comments, suggestions....

    Is it too loud or quiet or just right?

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