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Thread: Keys locked in Car. Epic Fails

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    Well today, I went to the gas station to pick up an energy drink and I bump into a trash can leaving the parking lot. I went out to check on my car no damage... but I locked my door and the keys were inside the run was still running. So I ran home... just down the street in a car inst just down the street on foot.. I think close to 3 miles. When i got home the door was locked... and my keys were in the car still. I hitched a ride up back to the gas station and when i was there a I found out I was blocking a beer truck. They gave me a hand with popping my door open and I finally got in my car and went home.

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    Lmao Pink wow.

    Running 3 miles to get home... wow.

    And how did they pop open the door?

    That would ruin my entire day!

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    What a buzz kill! lol if it makes you feel better I have done the same thing. (locking the keys in my car) But hell the window was done, so I do not think it is quite the same lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walterbrunswick View Post
    Lmao Pink wow.

    Running 3 miles to get home... wow.

    And how did they pop open the door?

    That would ruin my entire day!
    Well I went inside ask for a coat hanger and a screwdriver, they gave that to em and I handed it to the two guys, they used the screw driver to pop in the coat hanger and slide it down and 5 minutes later it open

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    ya.... I did something similar, I wasn't even in town, I was about 3 hours out of town, stopped at a gas station 2 get a drink, locked myself out of the car, while at the gas pump.... was beyond pissed off, had 2 wait 4 hours for a buddy 2 drive out and bring me my spare key, and then pay his gas for both ways.... great day.

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    I unlocked my cousins car using a coat hanger when he locked his keys in his explore at the lake. It was very hard as there was no open windows and we did not want to break anything.

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    i lock my keys in my car when I was having to take a 8 hour driver safety class due to speeding tickets. All day I was thinking i definitely wont be speeding now. That Thunderbird got me into a lot of trouble. Good thing about my volvo is you can only lock the door with a key after shutting it

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    Typical woman driver....

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVL_Ripper View Post
    Typical woman driver....
    lol no i think the problem is energy drinks.. and global warming!

    ive never locked myself out of my car. ive locked myself out of my house plenty of times but seeing as i am a trained criminal its not so bad.

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    within the ruins remins me of a somewhat harder bullet for my valentine

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    You know pink if that ever happens again, ask someone for a coat hanger.

    I did the same thing acouple years back. Got a coat hanger from the attendant who just so happened to have on in her car. Bent the hanger, slid it down my window and unlocked my car. Its just that simple.

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