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Thread: the MY TOUCH FAILS

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    Default the MY TOUCH FAILS

    i wasted 550 dollers on a phoone this is bullshit and im pissed as fuck

    fuck you phone guy

    fuck you like 100 times bitch ass phone guy

    dont buy the my touch or youll wanna tell the phone guy fuck you phone guy to


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    What's wrong with it, aside from the fact that looking at the price you paid, it is most likely unlocked?

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    internet isnt working cause they suck ar giving me what im paying for and touch screen texting sucks ass

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    LoL You didn't know virtual keyboards are retarded? Look at the iPhone.

    What provider do you have? AT&T, and you just bought it Unlocked?

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    i just got t-mobile i bought it at the store with a new plan

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    WHAAAAAAAAT?!?! Dude you coulda gotten that shit for $150.00 tops with a new plan.

    If the internet stops working, take the battery out, pop it back in, and reboot. Should be fine after that.

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    well to me the MY Touch 3g Rapes but not as much as the iphone, they are the same thing but by different companies example: iPhone =Apple, iTouch = Google, which they were in competition the whole time
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    I have an brother has the new Google one...

    1. He got it for $199 with a new plan, why you paid $550?? No clue.

    2. His touch screen texting BLOWS. You have to like MASH just to get a letter to show up, and sometimes it's not even the right one.

    3. His internet comes and goes just like yours.

    4. He took it back (within 30 days), full refund and they cancelled his plan no charge.

    5. He now has an iPhone.

    The iPhone is amazing. The virtual keyboard on the iphone is amazing. I type on that thing like I do on a effin' computer. Easy as pie and rarely any mistakes. The iphone is cheap and you can play sweet games on it, haha. *prays for CSS app to come out* Oh, and the internet is always kickin!

    Return it. Lesson learned.

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    h,, i, gunna return it when i get the chance

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    I have the g1 which is the same as the mytouch except it has a physical keyboard that slides out. You should go try one.

    Ps iphones are ftw
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