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Thread: Tragedy <ibis.a> Clan Application

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    Default Tragedy <ibis.a> Clan Application


    Real Name: Adam Tragedy

    In game Name: Tragedy <ibis.a> or Matt Damon <ibis.a> (haha)

    Weapons of Choice: While CT: M4 w/ Deagle. While T: Ak-47 w/ Dualies. I will try and raise my skill in awping from time to time but it's rare...I hate camping.

    Maps: Ohh let's see here: Assault 2005, Office 2007, Egons World, and Compound.

    Reason for App: I used to be a pretty active member in the Ibis community as well as an active admin about 2 years ago. Due to certain circumstances, I parted ways with CSS...but have now returned. The moment I re-installed CSS on my comp, I did my best to find this place again via google...all it took was one search. "Top CSS Servers". Boom, there Ibis was...#4. *giggles*. Anyway...I have been back now for a few months and love where things are now going with the servers. Clan Members getting moderation privileges, more respect on the servers...I am definitely liking where things are headed. Anyway, I am a pretty well respected ADMIN on the IBIS servers with little to no complaints about me, and ZERO abuse threads about me. I play by the book (TOS and Server Rules) and keep things fair for all players I am playing with. I would love to be an Ibis Clan Member because I believe that I could help successfully continue the current changes and bring more respect to the admin servers as well as keeping IBIS in high demand among CSS servers and keeping it fun for everyone. Thanks for the consideration...

    IBIS Members you play the most with: When I used to play, I played with: CO, Dual, Deprodigy Manbearpig, Beast, Midget, Uncle June, Wickedtribe, Rapedolla, Whytboiz and Zero (if I forgot to put your name I'm sorry!). Now that I am back I have become friends and play with: Sin, Mastagunz, Ripper, Pink, Southside, Ninja, Walter, Christmas, Inthebutt, James, Vlad, Tommy and a wholllle lot of others I can't think of right now...

    Experience: I started playing CSS with Ibis and haven't gone anywhere since for almost 3 years. After a break and just coming back (roughly 3 months ago) I already have a "decent" ranking within the Pub & GG servers, as well as high activity in the zMod Server (don't enjoy it but go there for support and to make sure things are running smoothly)... As time progresses I will get more of my touch back, but for is what it is!

    Contact Info: Steam Account Name - IndieSceneTV

    About me: I'm 22 years old and into: Music, Marine Biology, Drums, Guitar and Cars. I have been playing drums and guitar for over 7 years now and can play a wide range of music from pop, to punk, to metal (my fav). I am currently transferring to UNCW (Wilmington, NC) to get my degree in Marine Biology to focus on Coral and Reef life. Also, very into cars. I have owned a 300whp Dodge SRT-4 and a 263whp Acura RSX Type-S in my time...and love the way it feels with the windows down and the speedometer up.

    If you like me, awesome...if you don't, that's cool too. We all have our reasoning for things and I don't take things on here personal so respond how you'd like.
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    Good Luck Tragedy ! It's a good player !
    (ALL) aNex <ibis>:  As soon as I saw you trying to find the button tommy
    (ALL) aNex <ibis>:  My eyes got wide and verbally said, "No...."
    (ALL) aNex <ibis>:  Kill the tommy!
    (ALL) Tommy <ibis.a>:  lol xD

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    Thx Frenchy

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    Traj is a chill cat. +1

    I make him rage whenever we PUB though.

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sin View Post
    Traj is a chill cat. +1

    I make him rage whenever we PUB though.
    Yeah, Pub with you is fuckin' hilarious. I never know wtf is going on.

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    Considering he was in the clan in the past (and seems to be the most active of any clan member, current or not) I don't see why he shouldn't be put back in.

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    Traj was Ibis?

    Side Note: They just opened up an "Ibis Plaza" Office complex near where I work.

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    lol long time no see MBP. LOVE YOU TOO!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    Considering he was in the clan in the past (and seems to be the most active of any clan member, current or not) I don't see why he shouldn't be put back in.
    Thx Buddy. :-)

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