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Thread: demo's of xC/unsc^_pe, opinions?

  1. Default demo's of xC/unsc^_pe, opinions?

    player name is in the title.

    STEAM_0:0:8156092 xC // UnSc^_-pe voice_enable 0 OZTV>C>_K`d92L46:kEC67B_O5LhTgY78j2m;:33B`7g2RhooL][\`d

    i was asked to demo by Uncle June prior to him being banned.

    Here they are...

    I am on the fence. I was on him first person and could hear the footsteps of the people he shot. Some other kills were I don't think were on the up and up.

    I did notice that when he ran around, he was almost always looking at a wall...

    This player has been banned before and let back on becuase of a lack of demo's.

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    Next time when you demo, dont add spaces or dashes



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    If anyone is having problems watching these demo's just rename the file and take out the space.

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    sorry, i usually use the dashes. I don't know why the spaces showed up. I just used the up arrow and renumbered the demo hence why it carried through to the second one...

    no more spaces from now on!

    back to topic,

    I'm on the fence on this one. He could just be good...

    Its the whole running around while staring at walls thing that has me thinking he's not on the up and up. I haven't watched wireframe yet though...

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    excellent job , little did he know he was on watch list.

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    so far which one do you all find most convincing, I got a lot of demos to review and I also can only send 1 to steambans.

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    I would say the 2nd one unscope2

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    you need to have the sb_status entered in console after your already recording. You can not simply paste the output from doing it before into chat!

    Steambans requires that you have it show up in console you must enter it in when you are recording.

    Clearly hacking banned!

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    Thank You Zero !

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