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Thread: SO confused!

  1. Default SO confused!

    idk what happened. i got banned today at 8:52pm and evidently it was a voteban according to my buddy who was in there with me. i dont know how long its for but just incase its a perma ban, im posting anyways. i was sucking with my rifles so i picked up an awp deag combo for 2 and at the end of the 2nd round i got votebanned.


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    Look in the Ban Request.

  3. Default caught walling

    sorry unscope you were caught wall hacking, and 4 ROUNDS WERE CAUGHT ON DEMO..... any questions i got answers ZERO....... THIS DUDE IS COLD BUSTED NICE TRY UNSCOPE I KINDA LIKED YOU...... NO MORE... PLEASE ZERO DO NOT LET HIM BACK IN.........UNCLE JUNE

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    I posted 2 demos in the ban request section of him after recording them at the request of Uncle June.

    I have not looked at them yet with the wireframe turned on yet though.

    I can tell you though that when he (unscope) was running around, he was staring 'at' walls almost the entire time.

    AT some points, I think he was using sound to hear footsteps approaching in combination with radar but I can't say for sure. Other times, it was just not on the up and up from what I can tell.

    More than 1 admin thought he was walling.

    Hitman, NY CO, Uncle June to name a few...

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    Play mat_wireframe 1

    Its amazing how in the very first round not even 15 seconds in, you kill Rev while he was ocming from Short A and you were looking that way, way before that flash even came out.

    Coincidence? Watch both demo's

    B tw since I always wanted to say this,


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    I reviewed the demos also using mat_wireframe 1 and it pretty much shows him wallhackin. Again, they will have to be reviewed by Zero or Jigsaw to give the final say. Hopefully they will be convinced this time of his bs wallhacking.

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    im on my laptop now which doesn't have CS on it. I can't watch the demo's until tomorrow night when i play again...

    If the demo's are conclusive should someone send them to SteamBans?

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    You see just when you thought it was safe again, boom caught red handed, it was a matter of time before you was caught, been watching you closley since you been unbanned the first time.

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    well, im flattered that u all think im hacking but im not. i just watched both demos with wireframe on and if it shows anything, it shows that im not hacking. on the 1st demo when it shows me jump on the box and im looking at short already, ya i was trying to jump on the 1st level of the box and look down but it didnt wrk so i decided to go all the way up. i noticed that no1 was cvring short so i was picking it up so they couldnt come behind us and gay us.

    i WHORE my radar and i listen damn well. combine those 2 i can usually predict where some1 is coming from. june, when i killed u, i knew u would be chasing me since i had an awp, and then i factored in if i heard ur footsteps close or far. since the bomb was planted, u could go short and loop around or u could take the long way and take out the guys at long. well, i heard u chase me and ur footsteps got closer, so u could only be close right . i camped it and shot it when u tried to cross on me.

    other than that i dont see how those demo's prove that im a hacker. when u watch it with wireframe, u see guys around crners and me not even close to looking at them before they peek, im constantly twitching to some1 and shooting. the guy was SOMEHOW able to sneak up on me with a tmp and almost got me, if it wasnt for the fact that i beat him to switching to pistols.

    JUNE, i understand where ur coming from and i got no beef with ya, u were cool as shit so if this ban is permanent, peace man.

    Cloud, dude lol, screw off. if u think ur good and ur mad that some1 better than u was ruining ur rank, sry.

    u can try and send it to steam bans but nothing will come of it. ur better off sending it to CAL and trying to get me banned from there. if u guys ever wanna scrim or something, hit me up there on team xenocides.

    once again, i dont think those demos prove anything. they were short and only showed a couple kills. but its up to u guys. im not even that good thats the thing that bugs me the most.

    PS: u just unbanned skyskrape, hes on my team and fucking AMAZING. dont be surprised when he comes in and tears it up. but he'll prolly be banned for some hacking though.

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    I dont care about ranks anymore. Im in there to have fun. So you fuck off. Cant wait till Zero/jigsaw finally say your done for.

    Also in other words your saying that you bait your own teamates?

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