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Thread: chicken needs to be banned

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    hey guys i was in your server today and a guy had joined the server and with aimbot. i recorded a demo for u if it is needed . also forgot to get the steam id but i did open console to get it during the demo so it can be found in there. if u would like the demo u can contact me through steam or by simply going to our forums to reach me. steam name toxic_blood02. anytime you want hit me up and remember to ask for the chicken demo.

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    you can upload the demo on here by posting it.

    When posting under the text box you have Additional Options.

    Click Manage Attachments > Browse and find the dmeo. then it will upload onto the forums so everyone can see it.

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    here it is i dont know if it worked

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    Zero or jigsaw will look at demos, then deem if he is hacking or not, then forward it to steam.

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    # 588 "Chicken" STEAM_0:1:7751908 08:59 112 0 active

    hacking will be banned,

    no sb_status

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