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    Is it bad when you play a game so much that you dream about and your excuse to sleep 30 min. more (hit the snooze button twice) is because you need the key to defeat the dark spawn in your dream?

    It feels good to play a game this epic again.
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    lol i saw the commercials and it looks good... but me no have money.

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    Haven't gotten around to playing it. Not enough time.

    As for the sleeping thing.. To be honest, I dream about whatever I think about when I go to sleep. A lot of the times I'll end up dreaming the way to beat or solve something.

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    Best game ive played in a while.

    Love it so far, have beaten it one playthrough, as a rogue dalish elf, on normal... now I'm playin Human Noble Warrior (sword and board) on hard.

    This has to be the most difficult game I have ever played, I can't imagine playing on insane... I really should just roll a mage seeing as how they are ungodly powerful, but... Friendly Fire on Insane does 150% more damage than apponents and unfortunatly unless you have extremely high willpower/magic stats 90% of your spells are resisted or have no effect.

    The only thing about this game that makes me rage is the "memory leak" which I don't understand why its called that but, it means, as you play the game your load times will be extremely short (for me 5-12 seconds) between load zones, however, as you continue playing at about 1 hour of playing without exiting the game and going back in your load time will be (for me 1-3 minutes) and as it continues I even had a load screen last 30 minutes (I went and cooked a pizza in the oven while watching south park waiting) untill I decided to look into it.

    Bioware says they are investigating and looking to fix this bug though... they say its only with quad cores.. not dual cores.... (guess what I am!).

    I highly suggest this game to anybody who likes a good rpg rich with story and a more intellegent approach to combat, and anyone who likes a good challenge, try this bitch out.

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    It's a pretty good game. Definitely better than Oblivion (and I still think Morrowind was better too). I've played through it twice, once as a rogue city elf and once as an elf magi. The mage was a lot more fun. Arcane Warriors are incredibly powerful, especially after you get spell weaver and throw a lot of attributes into dexterity and magic. I was landing 72 damage hits on the arch-demon at the end.

    Most of the fun now is discovering the 27 variations of endings. They seem very skewed against the easy way out, which I guess is noble, but I haven't really played as a truly evil character yet.

    Anyway, I'm tired of spending 2 hours to go through the end-game to see how the decisions play out. Going to install the editor and see if I can extract some of the logic to see the various epilogue scenarios.

    After I'm done with that, I might attempt a dwarf noble warrior depending on how the markets act this week.

    I noticed the load time issue too. After two or three hours I just save and restart the game. Saves a lot of time over the long run.

    The second patch is also suppose to add a bunch of stuff they forgot. Like Ancient Elven Boots, which they got a lot of people bitching (as did I) that they weren't in the game. The ancient elven armor is the best medium armor in the game and you can't finish the set for the bonus without the boots. They also had issues with one or two of the smaller side quests that had bad script logic (alienage demon for one). I'm also told they're considering making the arch-demon harder too, which was another complaint that I agree. The Gaxkang wraith was harder than the arch-demon for me.

    Oh, and it really pisses me off that you can't put runes in any bows. I think archery is nerfed because of that. Would also be nice to put runs in mage staves too I guess. Half the runes aren't even worth the effort. Adding 2-4 damage when you're doing 20+ ain't that helpful. Two paralyze runs on a dual wielding dagger rogue is pretty impressive though.
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    I'm pissed BioWare pushed BioShock 2 back for this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mallissin View Post
    Definitely better than Oblivion (and I still think Morrowind was better too).
    Don't make me hurt you.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
    Don't make me hurt you.
    Dude this game made me feel more epic than oblivion. All it needs is free roam in order to beat oblivion.

    "I'm pissed BioWare pushed BioShock 2 back for this game."

    Hell I am pissed they are making a Bioshock 2!

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    I spent literally 3 months worth of hours on oblivion.. I use to be able to tell you where every stone and glitch was in that game.

    Anyhow, installing Dragon Age Origins as we speak.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    I actually prefer the Darklands-ish travel in Dragon Age to the free roam in Elder Scrolls.

    You can add a lot more scenarios to travel with the instance thing that you can't do with free roam without seeming silly (like some parts of Fallout 3).

    Bioshock was a horrible game. It had so many cliches and the writing was horrible. Everyone said it took forever to beat, but I got so annoyed with the shitty plot as things were progressing that I blitzed through it and wish I bought retail to pawn if off on Ebay.

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