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Thread: Steam/CSS Problem. Anybody else have it?

  1. Default Steam/CSS Problem. Anybody else have it?

    When I go On CSS and I click the internet tab,it says ''Cannot connect to master server to retrive server list'' Or something.My IE connection is fine,so I don't know whats wrong with it.Anybody else have this?

    EDIT:Problem solved,I think it was the clients down for repair.Thanks for the input,guy's
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    Are you sure that you have the right ports open in your firewall?

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    I think I have the same problem .... when I try to open says its STEAM: Steam is temporarily unavailable please try again ...." ARGH I have this problem since 2 hours ...

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    I think it' steam itself, because when i was playing MW2 before I was unable to stay connected...
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