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Thread: Well, I could use some help..

  1. Default Well, I could use some help..

    For the past two days my computer has been having problems.. Annoying ones..

    First, I get a trojan that my computer STILL has, from extracting a file a friend gave me.. It doesn't do much apart from opening Internet Explorer to this site. (I REALLY don't recommend going there, but perhaps someone has seen this link before and knows how to like, uninstall IE to reinstall it to get rid of the trojan or something.. Iunno..)

    After that, I put my PRODue memory stick in, and now I'm getting a "" message or something that keeps popping up every 10 seconds.. I've tried Zolved, and updating Vista, and running virus scans, and I can't seem to get rid of the trojan or this problem..

    I've also tried turning off certain programs that start when I boot my computer via msconfig, none of which were relating to the problem. The only thing I could think to do other than that, was uninstalling drivers relating to my PSP memory stick. (the PRODuo.) But there was so many drivers I couldn't figure out which was which..

    I don't have quicktime, or photoshop either. Another thing was "You can also delete dit.dll, dit.ini, and ditxp.exe." That's in the registry files, isn't it? Should I delete those and see if it helps?

    Anyone know any solutions?

    I plan on just buying an external harddrive, backing everything up, and just reinstalling the OS if I can't solve these problems.. I've also contacted the Kaspersky Internet Security forums.. Let's hope they have the solution to at least one of my problems..

    Edit: I think it might just be the trojan causing all my problems.. I've deleted all my temporary internet files, cleared all records of all recently accessed sites, documents, and programs, ran a full scan using Avast, Kaspersky, and Malwarebytes.. And still haven't found the trojan/gotten rid of the trojan..

    Here's some more details:
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    The satisfaction of killing this trojan will be mine.. I will.. Kill it..

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    The absolute best anti-virus out there is nod32. It will find and kill it for you. I pirated it for many years, then bought it because I was so happy with its server (so to speak).

    One thing to think of, is mabye you just can't delete the file. It could have injected itself into another file that is vital for windows to function properly.

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    I looked in the host file for my computer (C:>Windows>System32>Etc>host) and everything was fine there.. Ran HijackThis and didn't see anything..

    For the time, I'll just keep the annoying popup window in the corner of my screen and hope it doesn't bother me.. And I've stopped IE from receiving any cookies whatsoever.. So I hope my computer holds until a solution is found, or until I can get an external harddrive.

    Gah I hate malware.. So much..

    If Kaspersky doesn't solve this, I'll try nod32. I saw them the other day.. I liked their boxart.
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    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    NOD32 is what I use but to really get rid of it you need to determine the name of the Trojan.

    problem came from a trojan called scvhsot.exe (note that the spelling is not the same as svchost that is more common in the system, I think?). That person said that the trojan named scvhsot.exe was stored in the system folder, and was identified by scanning using kaspersky antivirus software. (I guess you could just search for it without using that software. But maybe they were pointing out that the software identified it as a virus.) So, if you find that file, then that person said: Delete the exe file, restart the computer, then open the autorun.inf files of each drive you have and empty it. In the file you can see it opens sss.exe, which is the program that (they presume) is causing all the exceptions. When you delete scvhsot, this sss.exe also gets deleted. Once you empty the autorun.inf files of all your drives and save them, restart again. It should work (they say). They went on to say: If you want to search for the autorun.inf files, you can use "Ava find Professional" searcher. Make sure you change the file's read/write permissions to let you delete its contents and save.

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    Only real way to do that is get the log from my friend or redownload the trojan and hope to hell Kaspersky catches it this time..

    Edit: YES, fixed the popups!

    One down.. One to go..
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    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    Get malwarebytes ... it will solve all your problems.. and nod32 will not save you from malware.. just saying..

    and if your computer is going to shit.. you can always use regrun platinum.. use regrun platinum as a last resort.. because that program is known to literally wreck your registry.. but it clears the spyware O.o
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    Format... Virus scans are good for catching virus's before they infect your system but once there on the best bet is always to clear the system. Most virus scans cannot fully remove a virus and the virus probably went and did some evil things with your windows registry anyway. Format and have a faster install after you delete all the junk that built up any way. Also if you want a good virus scan go download Microsoft security essentials.

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    I usually use AVG 9.0, Spybot S&D and then when that fails I go hunting in my system files and look for any oddities. looking for any changed folders, new files, etc. If it's a trojan it is def. disguising itself as a system required file. but named itself something similiar not the exact file.

    I say go hunting and DESTROY IT BY HAND I.E. DELETE BUTTON

    Thats just me anyway.


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