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Thread: ZM again down !?

  1. Default ZM again down !?

    What's happening...on ZM ????????????????

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    It's still down.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=Toy=-=Québec=-FR View Post
    What's happening...on ZM ????????????????

    Tommy i know you can survive
    Who are you? oh thats right your the shit talker... I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over how AWESOME I am.
    Sonic logs back into steam: 9/11/10

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    DNo ... I can not survive without my favorite ... ZM! xd

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    I am installing the software to allow me to fix this now

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    I'll make a depression .... if I did not kill some Zombies tonight = '(

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    Yeah able to play tonight !! !! !! !!

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    Something has to be done with the ZM server. Even before last nights issues, the amount of crashing, lag, etc. makes the server too frustrating to play.

    It's got so bad that you can clearly see the problem's influence on regular's attendance.

    Look down the activity column and tell me with a straight face everything is okay.

    Prior to the big server move over summer, most of that list was solid green.

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