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Thread: Christmas

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    Sure,It MAY be a bit early to be discussing Christmas,but why not? Im probably not gonna do much for Christmas,probably just the basic's.How about you guys? Im looking forward to geting a PS3.Christmas eve/day is great,except when your in the bathroom puking your guts out (Unfortunatly I was).I made this thread just as a basic discussion.You can post any funny memorys,wishlists,etc.Please stay ON TOPIC,iv'e noticed alot of people screwing up topics with off-topic petty arguements.None of that.

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    I look forward to getting an arc welder.

    And drinking brandy.

    Maybe ice skating in Nathan Phillips Square if I get a date.

    Possibly spending New Year's Eve in New York City.

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    Seein Tha family

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    i want a ps3 or some an x-box wii totally fails

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    This will be the first year I don't have to put lights up for 3 houses.

    I'd show you some pictures, but I seem to have deleted them.

    As for what I was for Christmas... A new mouse pad, and a new monitor. And maybe an external harddrive.. But mostly a new mouse pad..

    Edit: Found them!

    If you are wondering, the one round thing is a retarded smiley face named Bob.. It was late, we were bored..
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    Hopefully I'll get my Christmas wish:

    Getting to meet my boyfriends family.


    But I also want a PS3 and a dirndl.

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    I'm so fucking popular.

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    Samething every year for me. My entire family heads up to my uncles cabin in the white mountains. We spend time together snow board but this year since alot of my cousins are older were gonna try paintballing in the snow. If anyone already done that I need to know what is good equipment to use in freezing weather.

    Oh all I want for Christmas this year is a German sheppard puppy.
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    im gonna be paraletic this xmas and new year

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    my xmas list:
    kawasaki ninja 250r (i know i wont get it but im planning on getting one next year)
    front lip for my wrx
    more pocket knives for my collection (kershaw mostly)
    a combat knife would be cool
    gift cards to best buy, barnes and noble, and a few other stores at my mall
    ruger lcp
    steyr tmp
    kbp pp2000

    edit: almost forgot two things: 1. one of those countertop grills for the kitchen.
    2. a new bed. my whole bed setup sucks. i cant get no..... sleep. (tiesto lyrics.)
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