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Thread: It's me!!!

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    Hey, It's me Wojonatior. If you play on the wcs server you have probably seen me. So I decided to join the forums, so here I am!
    Yea, I'm Wojonatior in game, yea, I suck. Get used to it.

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    I don't play WCS, but welcome to the forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by walterbrunswick View Post
    I don't play WCS, but welcome to the forums!
    What he said LoL

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    Welcome Darth Vader.

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    welcome 2 the forums guy

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    Welcome to get out!!! lol j/k have fun

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    Im never on WCS server I tried it once or twice and had my ass handed to me, so you'll probably never see me on it, but i do play the other servers. Anyways welcome to the ibis community

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