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Thread: Assholes Sneaking Crap Past the rest of us

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    Way to go motherfuckers!

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    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    Uhh what?
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    No one sneaked anything. It was on the forums for you to question what maps were being deleted. When Kavinsky mentioned titanic I even posted in there how fucking retarded it is to delete titanic. He didn't send him a private message or call him. He actually made a list where others could have voiced their opinion. And notice... half the maps Kavinsky mentioned weren't even deleted. The maps that were deleted were either because there is new versions of the map or cfg updates fail on the maps themselves. So nice try instigating shit. It wasn't sneaked under your nose. It was in the forums for all you retards to look at, and only 4 people made comments on any of the maps that were being suggested for deletion.
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    Bullshit, Loka. You might get bored enough to read every fucking new thread, but the thread's topic made no mention of deletion, Kavinsky's post made no mention and therefore very easily overlooked. And no, they weren't deleted only because of a new version. Read the fucking list of maps I gave.

    EIGHT people weighed in and some of the maps removed weren't even on the damn list Kavinsky made. SO, again...BULLSHIT, LOKA!

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    I did not even look at their lists. Because there were so many maps I decided to physically play every one and then remove the bad ones. If you want some maps back you can just post. Also note that most of those removes were only in the maplist and were not even in the mapcycle.

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    Seriously all you have to do is ask. I swear some people get pissed about the smallest things that have solutions to them.

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    Hey Mallisen, if you want to go, nobody is stoping you, if you want to stay, then stay.

    Quit bitching though, and quit suggesting everything that you want comes to mind. Research what can be done on our server because half the things you people request cannot be done or Zero does not know how to do.

    Post on what to do, and how to go about doing it. Then maybe you'll be considered. The empty can rattles the most

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    ty mallissin for bringing this up.

    You got rid of 10-15 good maps there which is quite rediculous.

    Loka, as for saying it wasn't sneak by us it was. Some people don't troll every post and read every single thing.

    This seems as these were maps that had less "pussy" cade spots. Zero, why not just take a vote or ask the community to get rid of maps...?
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