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Thread: PS3 or Xbox 360?

  1. Default PS3 or Xbox 360?

    I can't decide... And it is a hard decision. My brother has a PS3 and he says

    that he does not receive any problems with it.

    My only problem is not many of my friends have a PS3.

    I want to buy an Xbox 360 for the reason to play with my friends.

    But I did some research on it and I hear it is a real pain. Financially and stability.


    Ideas would be appreciated.


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    Do Xbox 360's Break down? Yes
    Do they have issues with degrading over time? Yes

    If you are to get an xbox, you should get the Elite. Its the newest that I know of and has the glitches worked out of it.... or so I heard.

    Personally I have owned 3 xbox's First one after a year I got the red ring of death, second one began having an issue with saying every single disk was uncleaned which I later found out to be bull because they played just fine in a friends xbox so i ended with my third one.

    Why do I keep going back to it you ask?

    Well cuz it has the best damn games out there except like 3 of them for console.

    If your lookin for a beter system though, the PS3 is the way to go, blue ray, much larger hard Drive (except from the elite, i think) and in general a beter system.

    But, look at it like this, it was the same way with PS2 and the original Xbox, the PS2 came out first leading the Xbox to be a beter system. this time it was PS3 that came out last.

    I don't have nor have I ever had a play station 3, perhaps sombody else can tell you how well they function.

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    Ok .. it does not break my head to choose ... go buy a Wii xD lol

    EDIT: I have a PS3 60GB compatibility with games from the PS2 to date I have no problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=Toy=-=Québec=-FR View Post
    Ok .. it does not break my head to choose ... go buy a Wii xD lol

    EDIT: I have a PS3 60GB compatibility with games from the PS2 to date I have no problem
    Fail Tommy, Fail.

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    Here is my experience...

    Do Xbox 360's break down? Sometimes
    Do PS3's break down? Sometimes

    I bought a brand new 60gb PS3 from Gamestop last year, and while watching my FIRST blue-ray movie, the system froze and the laser that reads discs fried. I took it back under Gamestop warranty and got another one. 2 weeks later I put my first blue-ray movie in the new PS3 and BOOM same exact thing....laser is fried, won't read any type of disc.

    What did I do?

    I bought an XBOX 360. Not just a normal one though, I got the elite. The ELITE is known for having very little to ZERO problems at all. I have had it for a year now and everything still works great...DVD's, games blah blah.

    Not to mention, the games that are xbox live are so much more fun than games that can use the PS3 network. MUCH MORE FUN. And if you want a system you can play with friends on, the XBOX is the way to go, just make sure you get the ELITE. The new elites are the same price as the 60gb PS3 and they come with double the Hard Drive size.

    Sure on an XBOX you might have to pay $54 a year to run xbox live but there is a reason for it. MULTIPLE updates all of the time, game updates all of the time, and the experience is highly user friendly and a lot more fun than the PS3 me, PS3 network blows I hated that shit.


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    I have a taste for XBOX 360 elite ... I'll sell my PS3 to a noob!

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    I've owned 3 Xbox 360s.. Problems up the ying yang..

    I've owned 1 80gb PS3.. Never had a single problem with it. It even acted as my computer for awhile when my laptop died.

    Personally though, there are no longer any games I will buy for 360. So I will be mostly a PS3 fan from here on. M.A.G., Dead Rising 2, the Ratchet & Clank series, they're all going to be on PS3 to my knowledge, and anything else is coming to PC. (AC2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2.. Does anyone notice there's a lot of 2's coming out?)

    As for online.. I'm not in a position where I can get Xbox Live, so PS3's free online is great. I managed to acquire Live once though, because of my cousin, and he ended up getting Battlefield: Bad Company. (I let him borrow my 360 because I hated it so much, and I also had BF:BC for PS3) We played the same game on both the consoles online, and we both ended up liking PS3's online more.

    If I had to recommend something.. I'd say forget about getting consoles, and just use the money to upgrade/purchase a computer.
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    Here's what you do. Buy the 360s that don't have the issues. In that case you don't buy the standard 360 like everyone else has mentioned. I bought the Halo edition since it came with a game and it was on sale. Had it for 2 years with no issues. Also, buy the warranty that covers the ring of death from Best Buy. They will handle all the bullshit.

    Overall it's not a problem cost wise. My only suggestion is get GameFly. Also, I'd take a look this weekend for deals on 360s. Target 2 day sale is offering a 50 dollar giftcard with a purchase of an Xbox elite. One comes with no game for 300 dollars. Another one comes with 2 controllers and MW2 for 400 dollars. Plus you get the giftcard so you cover a year on Xbox Live. Again if your thinking of getting anything, I suggest you get it this weekend. I'm doing the same myself dragging my mom up at 4am to go shopping for deals :]

    Edit: One thing to note about PS3 and the 360.

    I never had a PS3, but I know many who just bought the PS3 for the BluRay player. If your going for that angle, I suggest you just buy a cheap one for 200 bucks. I have one friend who doesn't even touch his PS3 to play anymore. Everything he does is on his 360. If you like mature games, get a 360. Also, they did a major upgrade of Xbox Live early this year and it's pretty user friendly. Not that it ever was. If my sister could figure it out anyone else can. And since your asking, I'm assuming your not picky of what games you will play considering your looking mainly for games to play Live.
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    Also, another question.

    If I do buy an Xbox 360, would I have to buy the wireless adapter? My PC

    is about 15-20 feet away from my TV where I'll be playing. Is that an issue?

    Would it eat my my PC's internet if I plug it into my PC?


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    Well I have gone through my share of xbox 360s as well but as long as xbox keeps replacing them i dont care. I got my First one of Feb after launch and i knew they would have been rushed system, so I bought a 2 year warranty from xbox for 50 bucks, and since they gave the 3 year RROD warranty my warranty is still covered till feb 2011 which isnt to bad.

    I know the ps3 is also a great system but no one I knew ever had one except 1 or 2 people and i dont have a 1080p TV. I thought about buying one this year becuase the game line up is looking good and the major price drop, but if im playing online or multiplay im sticking with the 360.

    But for price per price you get more in the ps3 right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sqwat View Post
    Also, another question.

    If I do buy an Xbox 360, would I have to buy the wireless adapter? My PC
    is about 15-20 feet away from my TV where I'll be playing. Is that an issue?
    Would it eat my my PC's internet if I plug it into my PC?

    And to answer that question on wireless If you want wireless yes you will need to buy a wireless adapter but you dont have to buy xbox version you can get the linksys game bridge or something. i prefer wired myself and if you have 2 ethernet ports on you pc or if you pc is wireless and has an ethernet port you can connect there 360 that way(with internect connection sharing on windows).

    And will it eat your internet? depends on your isp(for gaming in all depends on you Upload stream and ping ). But i have 3 computers and 3 360 at my house on during weekends an never really had an internet problem while running at the same time

    ps. i went to tech school and studied computer networking so i you have question on your network I might be able to help

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