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Thread: Format for Submission! (Follow or no ban)

  1. Arrow Format for Submission! (Follow or no ban)

    Follow the following format for submitting bans. This makes it easy to review and to submit to steambans remember that for a ban the following is needed:

    Players name
    Steam ID
    A demo with status or sb_status entered in console during the recording

    IF YOU WANT TO BAN THEM FROM EARTH be sure to have SB_STATUS entered after you start recording in console. That list must show up in console for steambans to accept the ban!

    If you entered sb_status place the output in the sb_status section, otherwise just put no. If you only have the steam-ID but did enter sb_status then just put that

    ******This is the post format to follow*******
    In the Title section -> Username Steam-ID

    In the Message section ->

    Player name:

    What hacks:

    Other info:


    Attach your demo to your POST!

    Just click the paper clip next to the smiley


    If you need help uploading the file just make a post in the user help section.

    Thanks for helping to stop hackers
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