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Thread: Format for unban requests

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    If you want to be unbanned and want to be unbanned fast please follow the following format. If you do not bet your ass that I will be less likely to unban you.


    If you can enter your steam-id into your profile then you have entered it in correctly. Please enter it there first so that you know that you did it right, also it makes checking your stats easier and lessens the time for us to unban.

    To see why you were banned please look yourself up at:
    You will need to post a link to your ban data anyways so please be sure to look it up.

    To make it so that we can see just your ban info and not the entire list, please search your steam id and post that link.

    *******************Unban Format****************

    In the Title section -> Username Date(of ban) Time(of ban)

    In the Message section ->

    Name in Game:
    Who banned you:
    Why banned:
    Link to ban:

    Other/Reason to unban:
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    Updated to have a where section so that we know what server to unban from. Now that should speed things up

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    Updated to include sourcebans link requirement.

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