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Thread: Chibby: Permanent ban request

  1. Default Chibby: Permanent ban request

    Player: Chibby
    Server: WCS
    Reason: Obvious abuse of admin powers, by spamming random map votes, giving self and others hundreds of levels and cash, and other unspecified atrocities to the WCS server.

    This is a petition to have Chibby permanently banned, because according to many on the servers Chibby has in no way benefited the server and has done virtually everything to undermine it.

    If Maynard could add more to the details that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Chibby exploited the WCS server for his own personal gain. every 1 who plays WCS knows you do not give yorself free money as an admin, or 2 any one. money is the blood of WCS, it's what allows you 2 buy XP and progress. chibby gave the entire server money though, cause obviously if he were 2 give himself just money, ppl would have reported him a lot quicker then they did.

    during his time as admin, he did nothing but abuse his powers. infact, he bought admin after only playing on the server for an hour.. you all know what kind of person that is. a person who buys it for there own personal gain, and boy did it show. during the time I saw chibby play, I saw him countless times join the server, and start doing instant map changes 2 what he wanted 2 play, regardless of myself, crhonic, and other admins being already on for hours. now being a person who bought admin after 1 hour.. chibby was in a position of ignorance... he did not know the server he was now an admin on, there for he was constantly inforcing rules that don't exist... he was inforcing them 2 the point of bans. if someone killed him and he became mad, he would just claim they can't do what they did, and he would ban them or slay them... I realized only zero can do something about this kid, so I just let it go. further down the line he started perma banning ppl with no demo's or even ever reporting in on the server. I remember at 1 point he was like "hey maynard, I just posted my first ban on the forums" right away I found myself thinking "well..... what about those other 10 ppl?" so ofcourse I check the forums and there's nothing posted. Ive gone 2 zero in the past regarding chibby, and zero didn't really want 2 get involved. chibby was making claims that zero told him he could slay and kick other admins if they don't do the objective in a time he see's fit. he infact slayed chronic a few times (TOS rule breaking). I asked zero about the claim that he can kick and slay admins, and zero said it was not true. at the end of his abuse career he found a way 2 exploit the admin system and get free money.. now prior 2 all this zero said he fixed it so this could not happen.. so I didn't find myself needing 2 worry anymore... guess I was wrong.. chibby found a way, and lvld himself up, and the entire server for weeks. he would only do it when no other admins were on, and would tell the ppl who were logged on to keep it a secret, and he would keep doing it if every 1 will stay quiet about it. if any 1 said anything negative, even if it was like "man wtf" or anything like that towards chibby, he would respond with "YOU CANT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT, I'M AN ADMIN, I'll BAN YOU!"... I think the kicker though is when he would change the map 5 times within 5 minutes...

    this link will take you 2 the most recent ban by chibby. this demo shows nothing more then 15 seconds of a guy shooting a wall that people often camp at and were the entire game... and then getting a kill. this is not proof of hacks in any shape or form. this ban should be switched over.

    Duck was also perma bannd for spamming the mic. I was not on when this happend and I have had reports of him spamming before, but a perma ban for mic spamming with no demo is yet another form of abuse and braking the rules.

    chibby should be removed from our community. he did nothing but rape and exploit it 2 his own ends.
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    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    hind sight:

    We saw it, did nothing about it, now move on with it....

    Near Future:

    Since anyone can purchase Admin... one idea would be a cool down period... say someone wanted to become an Admin... requirements could be devotion to server, by demonstrating ones resiliency to sticking it out, could help weed these over night wanna-be Admin... patience takes time, and only pays off when effectively executed... if that idea does not set with you, maybe a voting, like applications to ibis clan... There are good regulars that might like the fact that there devotion comes with rewards... maybe a WCS race called Admin...

    ~Admin (class)~

    Admin Devotion: Start with 45% chance of 33%-69% extra armor
    Admin Abuse: Slaps enemy back when attacked
    Admin Power: 33% chance to leech 27%-47% cash from each hit to enemy
    Admin Ban: Banishes attacker somewhere else on map
    Admin Revenge: (ULTIMATE) Enemy dies when attacker is killed


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