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Thread: STEAM_0:1:19775661 Nix

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    22: STEAM_0:1:19775661 Nix 7fxzMlPF1gy+qQDlBpYfgg==

    Banned for wall hacking, Please throw on sv_cheats 1 and mat_wireframe 1

    I am headed to work and will check this around 4am EST whem I get home

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    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    Is this like one of those haha admin jokes?

    I don't get it.

    I could not tell where Nix was hacking at all.

    Plus holy shit, so fucking laggy.

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    I don't see the wall-hacking at all. I've spectated Nix over 50 times (after every death if I am playing with him) just to see if I can notice anything. I've also checked him with the programs and I don't see anything. People are just THAT good...(some people).

    Just have Zero check it out and see what he thinks. Nix is mah boy!
    ZOMBIE [ibis.a]

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    1.) Nixxxers is my girlygirl.

    2.) I've spec'd her many times too, and she's just really good.

    3.) Please unban my Nixxxers.


    Thatís the funny thing about trolls: They love to do something horrible, then accuse you of doing something horrible when you call them on it.

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    nix is a she?


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    Use sv_cheats 1 and mat_fireframe 1

    You can see them start shooting as people start to come around walls

    Ban is standing from me unless Zero or jigsaw repeal it

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    I used your settings and looked at it. All I can say is that I cannot see it. The map is just too small and you can just guess that people are coming around those corners. I'd believe it if the map was bigger and people were not so perdictable.

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    The demo doesn't show anything aside from good use of sound, leading to pre-firing.

    On a map like that, it's too easy to hear when people turn the corner. Figured I'd post the reasoning behind my "tee-hee".

    I'm not saying that he/she does or doesn't hack, as I haven't played with her/him enough, but I don't see how the demo proves anything except the use of sound with headphones.

    Not to mention, he/she is a baddie.

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

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    I got these headphones that I can hear shit from across the map. Now I have to figure how to get used to it.

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