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Thread: Starcraft help.

  1. Default Starcraft help.

    "Hi, im a regular Starcraft player. I got a new monitor that uses a resolution of 1280 by 1024. For most games that are recent enough have a section where i can change the resolution. But Starcraft doesn't as far as i know. This would not normally be a problem, i would just play with worse graphics than i am capable of. But this bright green message keeps coming up every 60 seconds on my screen whenever i launch the game. It tells me to change my resolution to 1280 by 1024 for best quality. I cannot play a game of such complexity like Starcraft with this message continuously popping up.

    I had this problem before with Diablo2 (another relatively old game)and the only way to fix it is to make Diablo2 into a window (you add -w to the "Start in") and play like that. I tried that for Starcraft and it did not work. Someone told me the -w was created just for Diablo2 so people with large screens can run it.

    My question is how can i continue to play the game i love without having to use another monitor?


    What i posted on the Starcraft Forum. But if you guys have any ideas about it can u post ur ideas.

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    This is Exactly why I hate LCD screens! This is also why I ONLY use CRT's

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    Now on to help people that have already shot themselves in the foot!

    I need the make and model of your LCD screen!

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    I've never had such a problem on any of my LCD's. I love the color and sharpness of LCD's but I miss the quick responsivness of the old CRT monitors. Even with a 2ms gaming LCD you can still notice a difference. Why not just change the res when you play it? Did you check the OSD of your monitor to see if has a resolution quality check? Or is it an actual In-Game message?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    This is Exactly why I hate LCD screens! This is also why I ONLY use CRT's
    I have a 22 inch bright CRT and its collecting dust in my room. I think I'll put it on craigslist for free stuff to pick up. LoL

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    Well it is important to note that the only CRT's that were worth it are the really good ones. The ones that:
    Do not hurt or damage your eyes

    Can go to the 2000+ resolutions

    Have flat screens

    Are somewhat glare resistant

    And it is best if it:
    Allows for convergence and landing adjustment (your really lucky if you have this)

    Yea go look, do you have that option!? Thought not...

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    LCD's don't need converging or landing adjustments. There is no beam. There are no convergence, focus, or purity errors, or radiation that gets to the user(no matter how good the CRT there will always be some). Theres plenty that offer reses over 2000+. Although if you want the best Luminosity/Contrast/Speed a LCD cant beat a CRT atm.

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    Did you fail to read the first sentence:

    Well it is important to note that the only CRT's that were worth it are the really good ones.
    I clearly am talking about CRTs only. At no point do I even say the word LCD or reference them.

    The ones that:
    In context the ones that I am talking about must be CRTs because that is the only thing I have stated thus far.

    And it is best if it:Allows for convergence and landing adjustment (your really lucky if you have this)
    Clearly I still must be talking about CRTs as I have yet to even use the word LCD. I am also as you stated talking about something that is only NEEDED by CRTs most likely because this part of my post is defining what makes a CRT a really really good one and not just a good one or even some shitty one that came with your 98 Dell.

    Now on to your post-

    Yes for the most part unless you go to professional level.

    Also do not forget the most important thing: color -> a LCD will never be able to reproduce color as well as a CRT can. This is why CRTs are still needed for super grafix design pros ect. Unfortunately their monitors are crazy expensive and cost more that a few of our computers put together.

    Also some cool stuff for people that are new to this info:

    crt and LCD refresh rates are not comparable.

    60hz CRT=120hz LCD FYI this is best defined as the FPS of the monitor.
    60hz CRT=60fps
    120hz LCD=60fps

    WHY? Because the world is filled with LIES!! JK lol

    But seriously:

    Remember back in the day LCDs had that strange motion blur effect? Well what caused that was pixals that would stick to the last shown image. This resulted in the two images merging into one when the screen needed to change at a rapid rate. To fix this problem modern LCDs place a screen of black in between every other screen as a result 50% of the frames the LCD outputs in 1 second are totally black and 50% are the actual image that you see. This is also why gaming LCD's need to work at 120hz because they will output 120fps: 60 black ones and 60 REAL ones. More powerful LCD's are developing a technology that will place a "transition" frame instead of a black one to make the pixels start to transition to the next color before the real frame is sent. By doing it this way the user would think that the image looks smother at high speeds even though the real FPS is the same. This would not result in the blur because the pixals would be forced to a half way transition point rather than being totally reset.
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    Yes I remember, thats the reason I waited so long to get one. So what is the impact on response time to hz on LCD? Its something I never quite understood at all. You seem to know a great deal about monitors.

    Also in your opinion, do you think an average cost LCD is superior in quality to that of a CRT?

    The last CRT I had was better in terms of speed, but not visual quality. They were both around the same price range.

    The thing that especially bugs me about LCD's is how easy it is for an Image to "ghost" when moving super fast even with a very high response time. I love all the extra space and for me it seems like image quality is better. It's jsut little things between them both that bug me, but hell, nothing can be perfect lol.

    BTW, I wasn't trying to start an argument or anything. xD, and sorry for throwning your psot off topic ManBearPig, did your figure anything out about your problem?

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    Well we can pretty much say anything while we wait for him to tell us what his make and model is because with out that we can not do much to help him...

    I have not used a monitor with an initial cost below $500 for about 8 years so it is hard for me to really make a comparison.

    I do own a very expensive super high end monitor that even allows for convergence and landing adjustment because it actually is professional series.

    The quality of that screen(when calibrated properly) to any other crt or hdtv is a joke. It is like light and day. Once after I spent an hour resetting all the colors manually according to some test screens and programming the contrast ratio 100% correctly. I had a friend come over and I pulled up and old game and he goes "holy shit how did you manage to increase the graphics on that game! There are not even any video settings for it that you let you make it look better! Did you go out and buy another video card." I replied "No this is actually what the game is supposed to look like and it actually will look like this on any computer that has this monitor with the color set correctly."

    It is not that when set wrong blue things look green it is just that when it is set correctly and on a really high quality screen the images look really vibrant and real.

    One reason why I dislike lcd so much is the ghosting issue (that the black frames are supposed to fix) I want things to look they way they should. I could care less how much dam space it takes up. If a big ass heavy screen gets me better quality by even 10% for the same price I want that!

    What makes me sad is that it is almost impossible to get "good" crts anymore without paying Thousands and thousands for them... because they stoped making them all

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