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    He was abusing the Hells Demon(or whatever else the race is called) ultimate bug.

    Here'e a demo, and his steamID is in the title. (:

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    The bug that lets you use it as other races?

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    I banned him for 24 hours because a majority of players in the server at the time all were saying it was a glitch/bug. So I banned for 24 hours in the hope that Zero will see this, because up till now I can't recall seeing in the forums anything about a glitch/bug for any current race.
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    Well I remember other admins saying not to use the race because there was a glitch/bug with it. people were making a fuss about it on the server so I decided to demo n put it up here.

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    From what I understand it is actually very had to create that bug. You half to go out of your way to make it work. (ie a glitch, there are rules against glitching and those apply to this)

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    but, i have seen it in action zero. it lets you set your speed to whatever you want. as well as your damage output, speed, and i think gravity.

    it's a pretty major (if hard o pull off) glitch

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