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    xz3r0xAss4ssinx (STEAM_0:0:24861090) Please ban for team killing, racism, and mic spamming. Thank you

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    a demo? anything else other then his steam ID?

    I could go into any server, grab someone's steam ID, and say they were a hacking, racist, gaybashing motherfuck.

    I'm pretty sure you're going to need more evidence than what you've got.

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    I doubt he would have just came on the forums for no apparent reason.

    But it does help if you have a screenshot or a demo, or even chat logs.

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    Yeah I thought of that after I posted it and he'd been vote kicked...

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    nothing can be done without a demo...

    Maynard - The WCS Guy

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    I am in GG quite a bit an Panda is a regular, good player, and honest to the best of my knowledge and I trust him and what he said, however, for future reference Panda, what the others posted is pretty much a prerequisite for any harsh reprimand action.

    Judging by your last post I think that you pretty much agree.

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