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Thread: bNn.Revived STEAM_0:1:913260

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    sb_status: STEAM_0:1:913260 bNn.Revived SMV3trwSglpAzh88Ofp0OKRBXcuuNZ+L

    What hacks:No recoil.

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    if its the same one i play with i have never seen him use any hacks but i dont know his steam id so i cant tell if its the same one or not lol

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    This was meant to go into the ban requests section, not the bans section. It looks to me like he has no recoil, look at demo.

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    uh.. do you know what someone with no recoil looks like?

    0 hacks here imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horrible View Post
    uh.. do you know what someone with no recoil looks like?

    0 hacks here imo.
    I don't know, maybe not, I think he is.It doesn't really look like it at the beginning, but looks at when he's in the tunnels, before he tells Squirrel that he's pissing him off or something like that.

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    I didn't see anything. Watched almost the whole 20 minutes.. lol.

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    lol It looks like it to me, not up to me to decide. All I know is that I'm by far not the the only one who he's pissed off, maybe I'm seeing it 'cause I got so mad. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, Horrible, but having him online doesn't give too many people thrills.
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    did you demo him just because you were angry? =S

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    I've heard a lot of people call him a hacker, when I talked to him he always got all defensive and denied it. I always thought he was a nice guy, and he always flirted with me and was always like "oh, sorry I killed you" so I never thought twice. Then one day we hit a bad note and he killed me like every round, more than once if I respawned. I got really pissed and got on another account and speced him. When it looked funny I decided to start recording.

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    I am not good at telling when somebody is hacking but it does look fishy.
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