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Thread: bitter sweet mic spam

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    bitter sweet is spamming the mic in the game it is getting really annyogin he keeps playing music can someone mute /ban him please thank you

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    It helps if you list what server he is on to know which one to look out for.
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    if people like that are pissing you off, why not just mute him yourself?

    go into the player list, select him, and mute him.

    problem solved.

    be proactive

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    If he's on zmod he can't.

    Only the admin can because of something to do with the mod that

    doesn't allow players to mute people from the players list

    and there's no !votemute on the zmod either.
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    Edit: Valve AND Zero would find a way to screw up a steel ball.

    I have never seen any other server that used to be so much fun to play on just get so properly rammed into the ground by one person's lazyness, incompetence and inability to grasp how to properly run a server.

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    oh. never mind then. i didn't know than. srry

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