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Thread: Ok mornings can be tough............

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    Default Ok mornings can be tough............

    would it be possible to have the server restart at say 6 at night then in the morning. At least in the pm more admins could be on to reset the sever. we lose alot of players cause its bugged. Noobies cant kill higher lvl races so they leave.

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    You'd probably lose even more people at 6 pm than at am..

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    is this still happening? zero said he implemented something to fix it. apparently, whenever the wcs server is restarted at the same time as the others, it glitches. so he said he was going to put a delay into the wcs one to try and fix this problem. i haven't noticed anything wrong yet...but then i haven't exactly been playing as early as normal.

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    Yea I did implement the delay... I could try to make it longer....

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    well, i mean, did it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by acolyte_to_jippity View Post
    well, i mean, did it work?
    Nope... I had to re set the server this morning.

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    Nah it's still been lagging and crashing a lot whenever I play, and I'm on just about daily.

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    I am usually around my system between 7 am and 10 am... pm me and i have no problem jumping in to restart server... many others contact me... try it til it is fixed...


    ps... it is Chronic in Steam...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeimuzu View Post
    You'd probably lose even more people at 6 pm than at am..
    Yeah dude for reals! when I play it is mostly in the evenings, and at that time there are a lot more players on!
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    ...necro'ed thread much
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