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Thread: Unban me, please

  1. Default Unban me, please

    I would like to get unbanned...
    I was banned from the IBIS Zombie Server for absolutely no reason by either Mr. Jhutty or Jhuttyboys. At first i was accused of calling another player a "n****r", when it was another player named "Gnostix." Pprtgs was there and he seen Gnostix say it. So Jhuttyboys kicked me and, I will admit, that I called him a couple of harsh names once i reconnected to the server and thats when Mr. Jhutty told me to "Fuck off!" and i was banned. Please, unban me.

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    Follow the Unban Format otherwise this could be ignored

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    It depends how long your banned for. If its a temp banned your gonna have to server your time banned.

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    I think some one was banned but I do not know what time, their ingame name the steam-id to unban who baned them and why they think they got banned

    So basically I have a pile of rubbish...

    well if they do not care enough to make a formal request then I guess their joking

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    post your id, i talked to jhutty, we well unban you asap

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    it is: STEAM_0:1:5642425

    If they have it in there profile it will show up under "about me"

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    user is unbanned

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