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Thread: ZM test server

  1. Arrow ZM test server

    The test server for the zm update is now online:

    It is the exact same address as regular zm just port 27016 instead of 27015. Currently it supports 10 slots to allow for enough people to test it at once. Note that it is a test server and that features will be added to it over time. The reason is so that we can focus on just testing one thing at a time.

    Right now we are just testing the zombie class settings. The goal is to get the zombies the same as they are in the current zm server. Once that is done I can then get to work on restoring basic features like commands ect. Note that for now the commands are not the same.

    Please post in here any changes that need to be made for the classes. Also remember that this is for non escape map settings. We will be working on zombies for escape maps AFTER we get these base classes working correctly.

    These are the categories that need the most testing:
    Jump Height
    Jump Distance

    We need to ensure that for each class those settings are the same as they are now. This is a little hard because the numbers are different so I need you all to test the classes out and report back on what needs to be adjusted.

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    Waiting for people to join...

    The new menu is harder to navigate but not bad...

    I am confused about what human/zombie class overlay is...

    Why is the zmarket disabled?


    The fast zombie is too fast....definitely

    The jump on the fast seems right but it's hard to tell...the new *jumping* is weird
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    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    Yea the new jumping allows you to adjust the height and the length so it is going to be strange until we can work out the settings. Also I hope to make the navigation easier with commands that just jump to the menus you want but we will see.

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    why are we going to have a separate setting for escape maps?

    it seems to me that you'd just be screwing everyone up by suddenly changing all there specs for an escape, why not start tweaking it on an escape, and then a cade to find a good middle ground?
    Edit: Valve AND Zero would find a way to screw up a steel ball.

    I have never seen any other server that used to be so much fun to play on just get so properly rammed into the ground by one person's lazyness, incompetence and inability to grasp how to properly run a server.

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    By separate for escape maps I mean that there will be no fast zombies.... but we could also discuss altering the other classes to better balance for those.

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    I ould love to test out with you guys, let me know when some players will be on!!

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    Eh, cool.

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    Test server updated so that races should be about the same now. Also most of the sm based plugins are now installed. If no problems are found by next week I will start to add some new plugins and begin to reprogram some of the other es ones over.

    We remain on schedule for a launch within the next 30 days.

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    Zero I know zm is a cash cow for you and you have no desire to lower the ammount of people who can play it, because it would mean less money for you.

    But there are no maps designed to handle 34+ people and at near max capacity its prone to people crashing because of a buffer overflow in chat or a regular crash.

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    I do however have a few suggestions for zm

    start putting up polls on the main page like they do at planet half life

    and let then tell everyone to vote on what they want done with said thing,
    like go back to the old zm music, remove all zm music, that kind of thing

    and seeing as you cant be everywhere at once why not put someone whos here for the most part and plays zm all the time in charge of the servers map rotation, I mean for crying outloud zm 4 way space tunnel is still on rotation allong with zm retard.

    also I do have an idea for the test bead server, how about lowering the classics knockback and increasing its side to side maneuverability?

    it seems like if you did that it would be a good intermediate between the preds and the fasts.

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