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Thread: Need Help/Opinions

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    I got suspended on Wednesday from my high school because i took a picture of my teachers butt and sent it to some other guys. They suspended me for three days and I wrote a letter of apology to the teacher. Not so bad, I go back Tuesday and all is well.

    But now they have made it a 10 day suspension out of no where. I think a 10 day is making the matter a little extreme. It endangers my future and i could have "Sexual Harassment" charges filed against me. That will stay with me for life, and i don't think its right that a teenager making a dumb mistake should be punished that severely.

    My home computer was taken away (along with my phone and Ipod). So i dont think I will be gaming at all for about a month.

    If anyone has any comment about this that wont harm my already shitty mood than please speak.

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    I hit my teacher with a belt once.

    I wrote a letter of apology, and got a stern talk from the principal and everyone laughed at both of them for a very long time.

    Once the drama goes away all will be well, trust me in the end its all too funny on your side. It'll be a story of the past.

    I hope she wasn't some nasty fugly kinda teacher or else bad manbear

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    Oh no, she is a dime.

    Today they pulled all the kids in my grade out of their classes and lectured them for a long time.

    3 other students were suspended and 1 of them for throwing a chair at the teacher.

    I don't know what to think.....

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    I Think the punishments is a little to harsh, I've done way worse shit in high school back in my day. Sent me that pic of that ass! lol j/k

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    lol my older brother got expelled when he was in grade 10 for hitting a teacher with a chair.

    lmao we dont have anger problems, just have very bad patience for stupid bitchy people

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    I already deleted it and erased all of the ones i sent to people. Lucky i did that before they took my phone to check.

    Schools are doing this whole "No tolerance" thing now, and if you put one toe out of line the consequence are severe.

    But hell, if my life is ruined than i can always join the Military.

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    Don't be like those crazy white kids and go shoot up a school now.

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    It won't be mbp, did they see one of these pictures or did they just hear about it?

    Howd you get caught?

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    Probably someone snitch.

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    someones gonna get beat.

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