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Thread: Youtube of Me and D-Monic in fy_iceworld

  1. Default Youtube of Me and D-Monic in fy_iceworld

    Me and D-monic were pawning iceworld last night and some dude made a video and put it on youtube. Were were playing with a hacker called renegade so the creator of the video called it "renegade rampage" its shitty quality and he is laggy, but you can hear me and d-monic's voices on it. Mainly mine because i wouldn't shut up.

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    Wow you have shitty lag and low FPS !!! Good vid though.

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    I didnt take the vid, it was just some random guy. Wile we were playing he was just like "I'm going to make a vid of this and put it on youtube." If it were mine it would be perfection.

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    lol yea that was crazy last night and i was drunk so it was even better

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    its a good thing i have Fraps

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