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Thread: ZMod being attacked

  1. Default ZMod being attacked

    That all I get to see console logs haven't shown IPs or or steam ids. And Pyscho Stats has no players under the name serverdown!
    So far its been drama with the blame game
    And note that there could be up to 3 different people doing it
    So far the drama beeing leading to Gandhi and Seelyy blaming Oonyx but I personally think thos that point fingers first look the most guilty.
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    Oonyx wouldn't do this, he's loyal to IBIS.

    Dunno who the fuck gandhi and seelyy is.

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    Gandhi (Blacksoup) just likes to create drama and have a laugh at the expense of others so he just decided to pick on me, with Seelyy following his accusations.

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    yeah I guess we finally got our replacement koolayed and a very good reason why we need a votemute mod reinstalled seeing
    as he pissed off atleast 6 people and the admins who were on at the time, swim and clone did jack shit about it.

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