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Thread: Loka's App

  1. Default Loka's App

    Real Name:

    Birth Date

    In game Name:

    Weapons of Choice:

    colt, ak, sg, p90, deagle

    for pub: dust2, aztec, office, cbble
    for gg: any

    Reason for App:
    I realize IBIS needs a female amongst the higher ranks. I also realize I'm new to this community, but it's not the first community I've been apart of. I've been playing on IBIS off and on until recently in July I got into ZM. I met some cool people and once I got back home I registered on the forums, and met other people as well. Later on I got into IBIS's GG, WCS and pub servers.

    I realize IBIS wants to grow and expand on newer things and appeal as much as possible to all those both regulars and newcomers. Both signify and solidify a stronger gaming base. I also know from experience that structure and consistency makes players and admins happy.

    Well... I've been playing Counter Strike since it was 1.5. So in 2000. I became active in communities that don't exist anymore but include
    Steakeater, and Dick-A-Thon. After the switch to 1.6 and introduction to Steam, gameplay and connecting to games drastically changed. Along with those changes those communities I was involved with died. I was part of a small CAL group that didn't last long called [TK]. Later we were disbanded.

    I was then being pursued by many girl clans in the CS community. I decided to go to [*Girlz*]. They are still active, and I'm sure some oldies know how big the female gaming was very catty like especially on IRC back then. I was an admin with [Girlz] and did what I could for the community. The community slowly lost relevance, and what I felt was going for the worse, so I had a sad resignation from them.

    Soon I was getting into Day of Defeat as well. I started playing in this community called TheVille. They are huge with TF2, but also commit to DoD and CS. I became part of a Guild in the community TheVille under =USV=; United Society Ville. You actually get chosen in. No applications. They look at who exemplifies what they feel is a mature, clean, good player and it's a rarity for those who get into USV, so this was actually something unique and special for me. I eventually stopped playing DoD, and slowly lost interest. I left, but I visit the community time to time. They are all guys in there 20s-60s and are very kind gentlemen who like to know what I'm doing when I come in the forums and visit.

    After USV I joined the clan -TGF- (The Goodfellas). This community was just starting up, and I was one of two females in the clan. We would do scrims from time to time. Unfortunately the owner of the clan abandoned his responsibilities and it immediately stopped the clan and the community.

    My cousins and I started a server for awhile as admins, but I think it was more than what we could chew. My cousin squashed the idea.

    Eventually I got into Guild Wars with my cousin. We played some match games as [GoDs]. Later on that died, and I actually revamped my cousins Guild under a new name. We were competitive for awhile, but I had to get serious with school so I left the Guild in someone else's hand.

    From then on, I just played CS and DoD on TheVille for fun. I participated in TheVille Cup twice and twice the team I was involved in we won in 2006 and 2007. - For 2007. 2006 forums got archived.
    It's a small organized Cup that attracts much of the regulars, and newcomers. It required a ton of work to get everyone to do some practice runs, and calling strategies. All in all it was just fun, but it's always fun to win as well.

    I also started to get into XBOX Live playing Halo 2 and playing on some small tourney's with my friends. Since then I play whatever games are interesting. My ex got me into WoW for awhile and now I've been playing Dragon Origins, and I try to give anyone tips or help if they ask or need it. I play for fun. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Contact Info:
    steam name is loka. You can send me a message there or Yahoo is lokasays. Email is

    About me:
    I'm 25. I live in Boston. I love sports. I play baseball and softball pick up games. I love to work out and I also love to play video games. Recent graduate in Criminal Justice and joining U.S Army as rank Specialist.

    Got a blister? Ibuprofen. Can't feel from your waist down? Ibuprofen. Got a spider bite? Ibuprofen. - SPC S-Rod & Me

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    you seem to "realize" many things today.

    we accept people not based on gender. so being a girl with neither help or hinder your chances.

    oh, one more thing. good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    you seem to "realize" many things today.

    we accept people not based on gender. so being a girl with neither help or hinder your chances.

    oh, one more thing. good luck.
    +1 Good luck Loka.

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    Wow, whytboiz, you're just a jerk all around, aren't ya?

    I think that having a woman in the clan would be good for Ibis and its image. Not only would she represent the female population of Ibis, but it would also be an appeal to other women.

    On a different note, and stepping away from the gender aspect, I think Loka would be good for the clan. She's smart and has a "no bullshit" attitude. I've not really had the chance to play with her very much, but she's very active on the forums.

    +1 And good luck! =]

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    GL cuzo... I lol'd btw.

    @ Ritta - Chill the FUCK OUT BRO!

    4) Use admin privileges sparingly and appropriately.

  6. #6


    Loka +1
    I fucking love music
    Rip Paul Gray

    Server rules
    How to report admin abuse
    How to find hackers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    I gotta say I didn't see this coming.
    you never see anything coming gramps.

    good luck loka.
    -The enemy of my enemy is my friend-

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    Bout time you backwoods bitch.

    Goodluck Loka +1

    Listen well. Everything I tell you is a lie. Every question I ask you is a trick. You will find no truth in me. Though you believe nothing else, you may rest your faith in this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christmas View Post
    I gotta say I didn't see this coming.

    But anyhow, good luck.

    The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

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    I'm chill. Some people should just be nicer. It's Christmas after all.

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