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Thread: StarsMine 12/31 ~5:30

  1. Default StarsMine 12/31 ~5:30

    Name in Game: StarsMine
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:22773188
    Who banned you: Stars
    When: 5:30 somthing, it was while he was hacking the server
    Where: Zombie mod server
    Why banned: I dont really know, I was killing an AFK zombie and Stars banned me.

    Other/Reason to unban: Well I feel like I have no reason for being banned, it was a server hacker and I so far have been playing the game legitly and having fun with everyone.

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    Admins have been disabled for that server since this morning. The reason is unclear, but this sheds some light onto the fact. Everything will be sorted out once Zero returns!

  3. Default ..S..t..a..r..s..i..s...GAY

    I am also banned from her. Who are you in game?

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    Sorry if im being a nuisance, but I tried to get on and it still says I am banned, Do I just need to wait or is there something else going on?

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    Im still banned
    hope this gets cleared up soon as now is the time when im usually playing the most.

    ill try GG and such whilst I wait. dont care much for WCS

    edit: GG was great fun, got 3rd twice and then i just sucked eggs the last round

    edit: Im now unbanned
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