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Thread: Gonna buy a laptop

  1. Default Gonna buy a laptop

    Any brand suggestions?

    I've been going back and forth between Sony, HP, and Toshiba.
    I won't get a dell. I checked because I got my desktop from them and their laptops are rather outrageously priced.

    I'm looking to spend no more than 1300.

    Here's the one I'm looking at from Toshiba
    I'd upgrade the graphics to the 1 gb card and I can't decide on whether or not to do 4gb or 6gb of RAM.

    Here's the one I'm looking at from HP
    I'd definitely put that at 6 gb of RAM because it's 100 dollars off right now.

    Sony only has two choices and they're both pretty expensive at the moment. If they ran some sort of deal I'd consider them more. I don't know about the sony though, I hear mixed things.

    I'm still browsing at the moment, but for the time being those two laptops have caught my eye and I'm greatly considering them. I probably won't buy anything for at least a couple weeks...

    I'm getting rid of my desktop permanently. After this semester and summer I hope to be traveling overseas, but I don't want to go completely small and powerless with a laptop.

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    Get one with a core i7
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    I recomend ASUS laptops.

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    The game.

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    I agree with Masta, get an I7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxMastagunzxX View Post
    Get one with a core i7
    Hmmm... Why i7? Do you think it'll not need to be upgraded for quite some time with an i7?

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    The core i7 laptops at best buy and newegg are pretty pricey.

    i did stumble across this one when looking up asus. It's very reasonable for what it's offering.

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    Intel® Core™2 Duo

    Processor Speed

    You might want to try to shoot for a Quad but if you can't afford it get the duo. The speed is a little slow for me, but you never know with overclocking

    System Memory (RAM)

    Type of Memory (RAM)

    DDR2 isn't something to write home about, look for DDR3. Even if its 4gb of ddr3, thats still better then 6gb ddr2

    Hard Drive Type
    SATA (5400 rpm)

    The speed of that drive will piss you off! I got a Macbook pro with that hdd speed takes about 3 to 5 min to recognize my ipod. Shoot for 7200. 10000 is too much and will burn our your hardware.

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M

    Video Memory

    Graphics seem good to me.

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    i have a sony vaio and im really happy with it. no problems for the two years ive had it. i think the sony or toshiba are both great choices.

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    A laptop with 2.5 ghz is so unnecessary so its bound to have overheat issues eventually. I built mine purposely for video games, and it's a 1.8 ghz. No issues at all just that it was built 2 1/2 years ago so my memory is really small and running on a Centrino Duo.

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