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Thread: Get Firefox 3 NOW!!

  1. Arrow Get Firefox 3 NOW!!

    Firefox 3 is now available! Help set the world record for most downloads in 24 hours by getting it today!

    The traffic is so huge that all of their sites appear to be down so check on and off over the next hour

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    they should of just emailed a link to the dl at the given time to everyone that signed up

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    bah, anyone got a copy of the installer they wanna upload ? ill upload it if i can get my hands on it.

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    but then that wouldn't help with the world record

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    lol, you know its going to get it, all i heard last night was, "did you hear! firefox 3 is coming out in an hour (or so)"

    and even a couple of guys were talking about staying up all night to download it lol.

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    ofcourse its going to get it there's no previous record, but we want it to be set really high

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    oh, i thought there was some kind of download record (for any program) that it was trying to break.

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    lmao wtf i finally got through on the spread firefox site and there is a big red button that says firefox 3 download i click it and it directs me to the firefox 2 dl


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    The Get Firefox site went down near the 10 a.m. PDT launch time. Mozilla, the for-profit subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation that oversees Firefox development, said it was having technical difficulties with the site.
    The outpouring of interest and enthusiasm around Firefox 3 has been overwhelming (literally!). Our servers are currently feeling the burn and should be back to normal shortly. Download day will officially commence once the site goes live. The 24 hours period will be clocked from that moment. Thanks for your continued support.
    Also I found that this will be the place to go to download:
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