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Thread: Unban Me Please

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    Just got banned from the Zombie server (around 7:30 pm CST on 12/7/10). It happened so fast that I didn't get the name of the admin in order to report abuse.

    Basically, this guy didn't want anyone else in a room with him. So I said "Boo Hoo" and kind of made "Whaa, I'm a big baby" kind of noises and he banned me. He said the rules say that you have to respect admins and boom, I was gone. Really? Are there any rules about admins being a-holes? This guy was insulting everyone, calling people stupid, telling people to get out of "his rooms" and simply didn't want to play in a team game, even know, CS is a team game. Maybe he forgot to take his meds?

    Edit: a) I did not know the guy I was making fun of was an admin and b) there was no warning whatsoever.

    Edit: Let me do this the correct way.

    Name in Game: Mista Boombastick
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:797366
    Who banned you: Unknown
    When: around 7:30 pm CST on 12/7/10
    Where: Zombie Mod Server
    Why banned: For telling the truth! Okay, was for lack of respect.


    Mista Boombastick
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    you'll be unban within 24 hours.

    1 you came into a room were i was building a cade, and decided to ruin it. Which is cade breaking, i could of ban you for that. instead i walk out of the room and you kept your mouth running and i ban you.

    You've played 50+ hours i think you should know the rules and how the server is ran by now.
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    what map and in what area were you cading?

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    It looks like I'm unbanned.

    Anyway, what you are saying isn't true. I shot a pop machine from a larger room towards the small room in order to help build a cade. Then you started with your "don't go into my room" stuff, so I didn't do anything after that. I definitely did not ruin a cade. You didn't even build one; the instant me and another guy walked in to your private room, you huffed off to another one. Yeah, I ran my mouth about your whining, but I didn't shoot anything.

    No matter what, you didn't identify yourself as an admin, nor did you give me a warning. I'm really sorry that you were in a bad mood, but I don't think it is right to take it out on players (and I'm not just talking about myself). You were on a roll.

    Yes, about this you are correct...about 50+ hours, all with fun cooperative team play (enough for some people to recognize and greet me when I enter the server), no complaints, no other bans, and no other problems.


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    Oh, and thanks for replying to my post (even if we disagree). At least I know your side.


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