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Thread: su - root - 1/9/10 - 10:10pm

  1. Default su - root - 1/9/10 - 10:10pm

    Name in Game: su - root

    Who banned you: Dennis?
    When: 1/9/10 @ 10:10pm
    Where: GG Server
    Why banned: No idea

    Other/Reason to unban: Favorite server, considering becoming a paying member, but I'd like it if I could be unbanned and maybe let Dennis know to take it easy on the banstick, as I've never cheated on a game in my life.

    Thank you!
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    Update: I'm back in. Seems maybe the server puked and it telling me it added me to the ban list was bogus? Confirm?

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    Dennis seems to be a raged ban-happy admin. There've been other incidences where he's banned people unjustly.

    But that's another matter.

    Anyway, what *nix distrib are you running?

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    Confirmed you are not banned

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