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Thread: Fast Zombies

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    Apparently we have some new players to the server that after playing with other admins have concluded that it's a server rule that fast zombies are banned from escape maps.

    I want to know where it is outlined, and until the rule is implemented and set in stone FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD stop making this an official phantom server rule.

    If you admins want to sit there and fucking babysit half the server because 3 people want to bitch about a zombie class then by all means waste your gaming time, but do not waste it at the expense of frivolous rules because you deem it as unfair.

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    Eh, it's pretty much just a courtesy thing as far as I can tell. If there are enough people complaining about it I'll generally ask that players change their classes instead of spending 15+ minutes in spec to catch fasts anymore. If I get 30 players voting yes to limit the use of fast zombies, I tend to go with what the player base wants. Otherwise I don't sweat it. And if the senior admin on doesn't care, I don't either.

    No need to worry so much about it, Loka.
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    No. I had a regular tell me today that a senior admin stated that no fast zombies is now a server rule. I said "o rly?" So I sat in spectate and froze bomb a fast zombie that froze a bunch of CT's. After that episode, everyone sucked up having fast zombies. Like I said, if any other admins want to baby sit it's fine. However, I know for a fact most admins won't even bother to place a vote. Courtesy or not, it's a stupid reason to use admin powers.

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    Eh, I'm in the camp that if players are having fun it's generally okay.

    It's definitely not a rule, though, you're right about that. I would have just slapped the regular and went back to owning bitches.
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    It's only for some maps. Most regulars know which maps fast are just ridiculous on, and which don't matter.

    Also, it's the admin's job to keep the server in order. If half the server or even a few people say that fast zombies are lame and shouldn't be used on "some" escape maps, then the admin can tell everybody to not use a fast zombie and to change their class. If you don't listen, then suffer the consequences.

    Sometimes i'll use a fast zombie on jurassicpark, but i won't tag anyone. I usually only do it to rush to the end and close the gate on the humans. I won't usually tag anyone unless they repeatedly shoot me, KNOWING I WON'T TAG THEM.

    So basically, if an admin tells everyone to get off the fast zombie class on a certain map, then just do it. Don't try to rebel, and you won't get abused.

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    And that's fine Oasis, but I was more worried on who was spraying the GOATSE and child porn spray then the three people complaining about fast zombies. The priorities of administering is silly. I'm one of the admins who doesn't care if there is fast zombies. We aren't here to babysit people despite what others think. We're here to restore order and carry punishment when a rule is being broken.

    It's just silly to use powers on something you can't force someone to change their class. Of all the rules we have created in ZM, this one is inconsistent. The rest make sense; !ztele, cade breaking, no pre-nuking.

    Different admins have their own set of little rules, and I have a feeling some clan members are not a fan of this. Like I said if certain admins want to do it on certain maps, then be my guest.

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    ketchup / catsup. same shit.

    the reason why we designate "senior admin" to the first to connect is just this. It's up to the discretion of the senior admin to determine stuff like this, but so far i've only seen people say they would enforce if the players request, so who really cares.

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    I was the only admin. There has been confusion as to what senior admin is. There is some people who believe senior admin is who has been in IBIS the longest, and then there is the correct term of senior admin which is based on which admin connected first to the server.

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    Yup I should clarify that by senior admin I mean the admin who connected to the server first.

    There are certain exceptions if for instance I hop on the gun game server or something when no other admins are on, then say Walter or yourself logs on, Anex, (or essentially any other well-known admin who knows what they're doing) then I tend to let them do what they want in terms of map choice and "house rules". Again, it's a courtesy thing, as most things admins do in terms of improving game play aren't by the book.

    EDIT -- I do agree that there are more pressing matters most of the time rather than sitting in spec and watching for fast zombies. I'll be sure to make clear that it's not a server rule, and simply a courtesy if the players want to afford that to the rest of the server.
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    Senior admin should only dictate map votes... otherwise just because you logged in first doesn't give you the ability to make up rules. Also while we are on that subject senior admin is the first admin to log onto the server... NOT WHO HAS BEEN PLAYING AT IBIS THE LONGEST... I don't know who started that bullshit but it ends now. Zero and Jigsaw are the only two people who ever over rule that... even Clan doesn't auto give us senior admin (even though its good to respect whatever a Clan member asks).

    Listen Omgbears before you start up with me I understand keeping the peace and making the game fun for everyone... You wouldn't know it (because I don't play anymore and haven't for about 8 months...) but I used to role with Zm players of legend. My first Zm server was IBIS and I racked up 160+ hours in IBIS ZM... Ive playd with the best, players like Pooter, Stamp, and Cujo... people who could go toe to toe with James (not saying the would win just likely equals)....

    Point being I stopped playing cause way to many kids where buying admin and enforcing there own rules. Worst yet Older admins were doing the same thing. I would like to return and play some ZM but a lot of admins need to review the TOS and realize kicking a player is normally a fair alternative to banning unless you know someones being malicious.
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